About us

Simply IoT Sensor is an IoT tutorial blog based on internet of things technology, where one can learn everything about IoT. It is a platform where anyone who are passionate about Electronics, Robotics, Embedded and IoT technologies can learn for free and understandable language. 

In this tutorial we teach how to make awesome IoT projects using different kind of IoT development board such as

Arduino, esp8266, raspberry pi, ESP 32, Raspberry Pi Pico, stm32 ,Beagle bone , Arduino mega, Arduino Nano, WEMOS D1 etc. In this blog we will also learn how to interface a various sensor with development board

We will learn about variety of sensors use in IoT technology such as temperature sensors, ultrasonic sensor, touch sensor, IR sensor, gas sensors, air quality sensor, fame sensor.

Display such as LCD, OLED .also motors such as stepper motors, dc motors, servo motors etc. programing language such as Arduino programing, C/C++, embedded C, assembly language programing along with python, circuit python & micro python .Tutorials in this blog will help for beginner to learn from basic of IoT till developing advance level IoT projects.

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