Which board from Arduino family is most popular??

Which Arduino board is best, Which Arduino board to buy, and Which Arduino board is compatible with Arduino IDE are some questions that may arise in your mind while working in the embedded or IoT domain. Specification and the features of different Arduino boards make the application or project so unique.

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Which Arduino Board is most popular??

Arduino has a huge family of development boards. There are several different varieties of Arduino Development boards available in the market but the most popular among them is Arduino Uno REV 3. Arduino Uno REV 3 has AT mega 328p 8-bit microcontroller with 5v operating voltage with current consumption of 45-80 mA. Arduino Uno REV 3 is popular due to its less complex, beginner friendly, available at an affordable price to consumers, and compatible with most shields. Arduino Uno REV 3 is famous for its flexibility and durability. Arduino Uno REV 3 is used in most of the projects. Projects from beginner level to advanced level can be carried out by Arduino Uno REV 3. We can also provide an internet connection to Arduino Uno REV 3 through an Ethernet shield so that Arduino Uno REV 3 can be used in internet-related projects. 


Arduino Uno REV 3 can either be powered through the USB connection from the computer, from a 9V battery, or from a power supply. Arduino Uno REV 3 has dedicated GPIO pins (6 analog pins and 0-13 digital pins out of which have 6 PWM). Arduino Uno REV 3 is used with almost all Arduino software. Arduino software and hardware both are open sources so anyone uses them. If you are a beginner and want to start a career in IoT development or want to build hobby projects then Arduino Uno REV 3 is the best development board for you.

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Which Arduino Board to Choose??

  • For Beginners:

The selection of your Arduino board depends upon your application and requirement. If you are a beginner and new in the IoT field, then Arduino Uno REV 3 is the best and most beginner-friendly board. Almost 90% of the shield is compatible with Arduino Uno REV 3. Arduino Uno REV 3 has a dedicated GPIO 13-digital and 6-analog pins. Arduino board has AT mega 328p 8-bit micro-controller.

  • For More GPIO pins:

When you are working on a project which requires more number of GPIO pins then Arduino Mega is the best choice for you. Arduino Mega has 54 digital input/output pins of which there are 15 pins can be used as PWM outputs and 16 pins as analog inputs.

  • For Small Size Project:

If you are making design a small compact size project where the size of the project should be is very small. In that case, you should go with Arduino pro mini and Arduino Nano. This Arduino board is small in size hence project size gets reduced.

  • For Internet Accessibility:

If you are working on a project where you need internet connectivity for sending and receiving data to a web page then we required an Arduino board that has onboard ESP8266 such as Arduino Wemos D1, Arduino Mega WIFI R3.

Conclusion - 

Today we learn about different Arduino boards, and also about Arduino's most famous board Arduino Uno REV 3. How to choose the right Arduino development board for building applications etc. we also have learned that Arduino Uno REV 3 is the best Arduino board in the Arduino family.

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